About ASIANetwork Exchange

The ASIANetwork Exchange is the journal of ASIANetwork, a consortium of around 160 North American colleges, that strives to strengthen the role of Asian Studies within the framework of liberal arts education. Originally a newsletter, then a journal, in Fall 2011 the Exchange became a peer-reviewed publication, catering primarily to faculty appointed in liberal arts institutions with programs in Asian Studies. The ASIANetwork Exchange seeks to publish current research, as well as high-quality pedagogical essays written by specialists and non-specialists alike. The journal's editors are particularly interested in publishing articles, book and media reviews that address the needs of the undergraduate classroom.

Volume 28 • Issue 1 • 2022

This issue, with Guest Editors Belinda Kong and Shaohua Guo, features articles focused on Asian geopolitics through media and art.

Editors: Belinda Kong (Guest Editor), Shaohua Guo (Guest Editor)

Notes from the Editors

Notes from the Editors

Ronald S Green and Susan Bergeron

2022-07-03 Volume 28 • Issue 1 • 2022

Imagining Geopolitics across Media and Artforms


The Marianna McJimsey Award

The Dara'ang and The Art of Becoming Governed

Gwen Marie McCaw, Kaytlyn Michelle Marcotte and Marine E.O. Vieille

2022-07-03 Volume 28 • Issue 1 • 2022